PIRATES PRESS protects independent labels, bands, artists, and businesses from being swindled by corporate manufacturers who really don’t care about them. We want your vinyl and other projects to be your standard and liking. We are musicians, artists, promoters, screen printers, music technicians, tattoo artists, and other independent entrepreneurs out to help each other succeed in a way you can truly feel good about.

Taking the same simple approach works for clients of all sizes and levels of experience: Alongside maintaining competitive pricing, our main goal is to always have real people providing a level of project management and customer service far surpassing other alternatives in the industry; allowing our clients to focus their time and efforts on selling the product that they care so much to promote and manufacture – leaving the (often time-consuming and overwhelming) manufacturing process to the professionals. It works for large corporate clients just as well as it does for individuals and artists, and it is the basis of our strong and loyal customer relationships.

Pirates Press is truly the best source in the industry for independent musicians, artists and entrepreneurs looking to learn how to manufacture top quality media, merchandise, and promotional devices without having to pay top dollar for them.

Our family of salespeople and customer service reps are informative and available all the time, so you get your quotes fast, your questions answered fast, and you never have trouble finding out what’s going on with your job.

We care because people in our position should care!

We do not want you to join the ranks of people who have been screwed by a manufacturer, so please call us for ALL your vinyl manufacturing needs! If you can dream it up, chances are we can pull it off… Even if it’s just a glimmer on the horizon.

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