It’s been really hard to keep this quiet, but the day has finally come to scream from the rooftops about our newest creation – HOLOGRAM VINYL!

For the first time ever, Pirates Press has combined the modern day capabilities of holograms (like that used on much of the world currency) with the production of vinyl records. Only available at 7” size for now, the hologram side of these impressive records is playable, as the grooves, carrying “Gotta Be Cool“ by The Ratchets, lay underneath the holographic image.

More than 30 years ago there were a handful of different titles pressed with holograms however the technology used to make these holograms is far more detailed and precise. The audio quality on this, as it was cut using our proprietary DMM technology, is also far superior to any other hologram record ever produced in the past. This is truly the first of its kind!

The setup cost to create the master for these types of records is not cheap, but this product really speaks for itself, and you really “gotta be cool” in today’s vinyl market to truly stand out!

We have no doubt that this product redefines that, and that we will all start to see a LOT more of these coming to life in the very near future.

For now, you can pick up this incredible “Gotta Be Cool” hologram by The Ratchets on Black Friday (November 23), whereever great records are sold!

If you’re interested in manufacturing a hologram record, please get in touch with one of our account managers to help guide you through the quoting, design and production process.


Big news! We’re excited and proud to announce we’ve moved to a BIGGER location in the Bay area!

Please update your address book and shipping systems with the address below.

Our telephone and fax numbers remain the same.

Pirates Press
1260 Powell St.
Emeryville, CA 94608

p: 415.738.2268
f: 415.366.7105

We can’t thank you enough for 11+ years of success and we look forward to consistently creating a top-notch, quality product for you and all of your customers to enjoy!

Pirates Press



We have always offered a huge array of different merch and promo shwag, but as of this week, we've joined forces with our longtime friends (and vendor) WRECKING BALL PROMO to collectively offer all of you more of these products, with BETTER pricing, BETTER service and the same confidence we've shown making you the best vinyl records, CD's, DVD's (and printwork) on Earth.

Ian Clark, our newest Pirate, and most experienced merch guru, is here to answer all of your merch-related questions – Ian and his production team are an exciting extension to our current sales and production crew, adding an unbelievable amount of direct experience in the merch & promo game. Let us help you spend less time (and money) making this stuff, so you can spend more time selling it, or handing it out… selling your idea or passion…

We are unbelievably proud to bring the Wrecking Ball family and Pirates Press family together under one roof, and we urge you to take advantage of it as well.

You can check out our *NEW* SPECIALS PAGE for a taste of the things that we'll be able to get you EASIER, INEXPENSIVE, and just plain BETTER, as of TODAY!

Or check out the FULL MENU – over 700,000 promotional products that the Pirates can make for you!!

Submit a quote request HERE, or, even easier, just email ian.clark (at) with your idea!

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