PIRATES PRESS: Offering a refreshing alternative to other vinyl and CD manufacturers, Pirates Press has taken the music world, and especially the vinyl world, by storm. The founder, Eric Mueller, and a group of like-minded individuals who consider themselves a family, have taken a 2004 bedroom operation and grown to assemble a professional crew of talented Pirates with impressive offices both in the Bay Area (Emeryville, CA) and Cernin, Czech Republic (10 minutes from the main manufacturing facility).

The client base, sheer volume and overall diversity of their clients have snowballed on the consistent merits of hard work, quality (innovative) products, competitive pricing, impeccable communication, and a drive to excel where others in the industry have traditionally faltered. With this model, the business and Pirates Press’ overall reputation have grown exponentially.

Taking the same simple approach works for clients of all sizes and levels of experience. Pirates Press' main goal is to always have real people providing a level of project management and customer service far surpassing other alternatives in the industry; allowing clients to focus their time and efforts on selling the product that they care so much to promote and manufacture - leaving the (often time-consuming and overwhelming) manufacturing process to the professionals. It works for large corporate clients just as well as it does for individuals and artists, and it is the basis of Pirates Press' strong and loyal customer relationships.

In 2008, Pirates Press Europe opened its doors to service the huge influx of customers from Europe, Australia and even Asia and has been growing consistently ever since, handling customers big and small across the globe. With roughly 30 Pirates on board across the world, and offices open virtually around the clock, Pirates Press is able to provide an even higher level of customer support to all clients, and have even stronger relationships with the production and product development teams at the factory in Europe. This global presence gives the Pirates distinct advantages when it comes to providing simple solutions for complex logistical situations, and makes the international distribution of products quicker and easier than ever before.

2014 and 2015 brought along some of Pirates Press' greatest accomplishments to date. In 2014, Pirates Press manufactured well over 2.5 million records and 2015 saw the company celebrate integrating the first new vinyl press in 30 years. Now, nearly all of the records are pressed using brand new presses (both manual and automated) and a brand new state-of-the-art extruder system in a newly renovated temperature controlled building, pressing as many as 120,000 units per day (more than any other factory in the world!) - and doing so in a much safer and healthier environment for everyone. The growth of Pirates Press and their customers over the years has been, and will continue to be profound - developing trends, hightening expectations and truly setting the bar in terms of product quality and packaging for the rest of the vinyl industry.

As a result of all the success, Pirates Press is now focused on three key areas of growth - flexi records, the merchandising department, and their flourishing record label, Pirates Press Records.

PIRATES PRESS FLEXIS: Almost three years were spent re-engineering a new and improved technology for making the thin flexible records that died off in the mid 90’s - Finally, 2011 brought ultimate success, with not one, but THREE presses in Pirates' San Francisco office, made from scratch, pressing flexis in a way that had never been done before.

Launching the full-fledged sale of both standard flexis and postcard flexis was a milestone for the Pirates, and given their reputation in the heavy metal world, partnering with Decibel Magazine on an exclusive monthly series featuring some of the most popular metal bands out there was a perfect way to highlight this new innovative (improved) throwback. December 2018 brings about the 100th flexi pressed as part of this series - cause for celebration!!

Overcoming the stereotype that flexis sound like garbage, Pirates Press has made some amazing products and truly blown people's expectations away with these gems. They are not the same “flexi-discs” of old. An impressive array of products have been showcased using these new flexis, including some absolutely marvelous wedding invitations, retro cereal box records, spiral bound books, glitzy hipster retail packages, and of course great giveaways, especially in magazines like Mojo, AP, the LA Record, Vive Le Rock, Maximum Rock N Roll, and at music festivals and concerts all over the world.

2018 brought about arguably the biggest revelation in the flexi world - a new format - the PICTURE FLEXI. They combine the brilliant audio quality of a standard flexi with the printing options of a postcard flexi; adding the incredible artistic potential of playing with the transparency of the material in the design. In the first six months after launching this brand new format, hundreds of bands, labels, distributors, magazines, PR and Radio Publicity companies, stores, skateboard companies and other movers and shakers in both the art and music worlds have all gotten on board.

The page has turned, and the next chapter in the history of flexis is just starting to be written!

PIRATES PRESS MERCH: In 2012, Pirates Press officially launched its merch division “Pirates Press Merch” specifically to better service those clients making more than just records. Since the start, Pirates Press has always prided itself being a one stop shop for labels, bands, tattooers and other artists needing t-shirts, hats, pins, prints & posters and anything else to support their endeavor.

Over time they found themselves making more and more products for customers who weren’t necessarily making records, but instead swaths of small businesses and even some large businesses who were after the competitive pricing and higher level of customer service and support that the Pirates pride themselves on.

The Pirates Press Merch team continues to grow exponentially and manufactures a huge array products both locally and globally for customers of all sizes across the world. Unlike with the vinyl quality and packages offered, where the product itself truly sets the Pirates apart from all the competition, success in the merch game is all about the personal touch, consistency, and attention to detail – all things that the Pirates pride themselves on from start to finish.

PIRATES PRESS RECORDS: After making literally millions of records for other people, the Pirates found it a national progression to put a few out for themselves - highlighting the music, bands, and projects that they as a company choose to support and reinvest their money in! The label has always been driven by a love for music and vinyl.

This “advertising arm” of the manufacturing company quickly turned into a successful venture in its own right, helping some of the Pirates' favorite bands (both big and small) get their music out there in truly spectacular ways to a global audience. They constantly highlight and present the most cutting edge and innovative products that anyone has ever made - before anyone else does - for the bands that they love. That is a very special position to be in, for everyone involved.

The support seen on a retail level, and just in the general support of followers and fans is overwhelming, and continues to fuel that desire to put out more records that they feel can benefit from that Pirates Press touch!

CLICK HERE to view the Pirates Press Records presskit.

NOTABLE ARTISTS THAT WE HAVE PRESSED RECORDS FOR: Flaming Lips, White Stripes, Prince, Foo Fighters, Metallica, Madonna, Brian Setzer, Beck, Against Me!, Linkin Park, Iron Maiden, The Black Crowes, The Misfits, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, MightyMightyBosstones, Bad Religion, MC5, Mastodon, Death, My Chemical Romance, Thee Oh Sees, The Glitch Mob, DJ QBert, Metric, Ingrid Michaelson, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, Wiz Khalifa, Quentin Tarantino, Star Wars, Sesame Street & Slayer

NOTABLE ARTISTS THAT WE HAVE PRESSED FLEXIS FOR: Foo Fighters, Flaming Lips, Jack White / White Stripes, The Monkees [retro cereal box records], Eric Clapton, Bernie Sanders, Deerhoof, NOFX, Rancid, Lagwagon

NOTABLE MAGAZINES AND COMPANIES THAT WE HAVE PRESSED FLEXIS FOR: Decibel Magazine (100 releases come December), Third Man Records, Joyful Noise Recordings, Guitar World, Mondo Tees, Red Bull, Mojo Magazine, ViveLeRock, Ox Fanzine, New Noise Magazine, Chelsea’s Choice Magazine, Razorcake, LA Record, Maximum Rock-N-Roll

NOTABLE LABELS THAT WE WORK WITH: Warner, Sony, Universal, Sire, Atlantic, Verve, Third Man, Disney, Concord Music Group, Rhino, Epitaph, Hell-Cat Records, Fat Wreck Chords, Pure Noise Records, Castle Face Records, Deathwish, Bridge 9 Records, Run For Cover Records, ORG Music, Relapse Records, Paper + Plastick, Think Fast! Records, Revelation Records, Fearless Records, Comedy Central Records, Harper Collins, Sorato, Bandcamp

NOTABLE COMPANIES THAT WE MANUFACTURE OTHER MERCHANDISE FOR: Specialized Bicycles, Verve Coffee, Verizon, Ru Paul, Firebrand Live, OJ Skateboard Wheels, Santa Cruz Skateboards, Independent Truck Company, Fat Wreck Chords, Kings Road Merch Co., Friend Finder Network, San Francisco Police Dept, Lagunitas Brewing Company. We’ve also made products for various government organizations, political campaigns, social justice organizations and hundreds of other small businesses, charities and organizations.


2005 pressing totals - 254,000 Records
2008 pressing totals - 1,400,000 Records
2011 pressing totals - 1,700,000 Records
2016 flexi pressing totals - 300,000 Flexis
2016 vinyl pressing totals - 2,700,000 Records
2016 pressing totals - 3,000,000 Records


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