Although we have an unbelievably successful track-record of pressing wonderful sounding records, there is always the potential that issues can occur. Whatever the problem, our goal is always the same as yours; to resolve the issue(s) and get your records pressed and out into your customers’ hands as soon as possible. If you’re not happy with your tests, neither are we.

Before placing a claim, make sure that multiple people listen to (multiple) test pressings on multiple record players, independent of each others’ critiques. After comparing notes; if there are definite consistencies in your analyses, please proceed with initiating the claims process. This is the only way to isolate these variables as the source of the problem – not isolating them can result in the rejection of your claim, and may cause severe delays to your project unnecessarily.

When placing a claim, remember that you are helping us (and our studio) determine if your record should be recut and/or repressed (depending on the issue), and if so, what to focus on when doing so in order to achieve results that you will be happier with. Please be clear and detailed, and we will do our best to use that information to analyze our copy of the tests, as well as the plates, to provide you with a timely, informative, and productive response.

In order to place a test pressing claim, you must fill out our claims form. CLICK HERE to fill it out.