7-inch vinyl templates
Here are some of the most commonly used templates of our 7″ products. The menu to the left provides a list of many available templates. If you don’t see a specific template, please ask a Pirate and we will be glad to help!


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Product Preview

7″ Center Label (Small Hole) alt alt
7″ Center Label (Big Hole) alt alt
7″ Picture Disc alt alt
7″ Innersleeve (No Hole / Art Paper) alt alt
7″ Jacket (Discobag – No Hole) alt  
7″ Insert (172 mm x 172 mm) alt alt
7″ Jacket (Glue Pocket – No Spine) alt  
7″ Jacket (Gatefold – One Pocket) alt alt
7″ Jacket (Gatefold – Two Pocket) alt alt